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Byron Nelson

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Metroport Meals on Wheels - Covid Update


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Member donations help HSNT

 TCWC delivered two bins 3/25! We're still taking  donations  through  3/31

Need kitten formula/puppy food/all kinds of dog/cat food and blankets - drop off at 651 Indian Creek Dr. (leave on porch).  Contact service@mytcwc.org with questions. 

Volunteer Story - Angel's Attic (Nancy Miller) 

Why did I choose to volunteer with Angels Attic? I liked the idea of working with Angels and now I am honored to work beside them.  You never really know the impact you have on those around you or the impact that those around you have on you. Kindness has a way of turning lives around and we have that opportunity at Angels Attic to show love and care for others.  

I volunteer just 2 hours per week; others volunteer more.  Jobs include intake specialists, sorters, pricers, researchers, merchandisers, stagers, cashiers and movers.  Proceeds from the sale of the merchandise go to other charities -- in 2019 Funding Grants went to approximately 22 different organizations. 

about us

TCWC makes a difference in our community through charitable giving, friendship, activities and collaboration with other local organizations.  We strive to make every person and place we touch better. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to welcome newcomers to Trophy Cub, promote new friendships, foster social contacts and participate in community and charitable events.


Please consider Trophy Club Women's Club, Inc., a 501(c)  organization when making your tax-deductible contributions.  Our partnership with sponsors allows us to continue our wonderful tradition of giving back to the community.



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