• Here’s a 7- minute tutorial: “How to Use Zoom”.  See how easy it is!


  •  A testimonial from the front lines: Nancy Gray, Chair for The Next Chapter Book Club, “Today was a real learning experience!  Our Zoom experiment was a great success.  Some of us had been a bit down but seeing familiar faces and laughing really brightened our day!  Attitudes improved from three to eight in moments. We are looking forward to our next Zoom!”
  • Each Activity Leader can access the Zoom app …set up a FREE 40-minute meeting, put together a few ideas for your time together.   In preparation:  Using your phone or PC ...download the Zoom Meetings App... access phone settings and the Zoom App ... turn on microphone and camera.  One day prior to your meeting send a meeting code (with meeting password for security) allowing members into the room.  At the designated time open the app, insert the code and Voila ….you’re Zoom-ing!  
  • SHARE YOUR ZOOM EXPERIENCE Let us know about your Zoom experience as we traverse the current environment.

Needing a Face Mask? Jeannette Tiffany shares an experience: Making a Homemade, easy, disposable, protective face mask.  Just fan a folded paper towel, attach two rubber bands with a stapler and you’re done!  (see Jarry Tiffany modeling this mask below.) According to the US Surgeon General, “If people do choose to wear a face covering, they’re wearing it protect their neighbors.”


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