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What, When, Where, Who (with update/detail notes as provided by activity Leaders)


Critical Thinkers    

The club reads mostly non-fiction and "instructive" fiction.

When:   4th Wednesday   7:00pm

Where:  Rotates

Leader:  Carol Tombari   caroltombari@gmail.com

The Next Chapter

Waiting to hear from Nancy for description The Next Chapter Book Club.

When:   1st Friday   10:30am

Where:  Rotates

Leader: Nancy Gray   nancypgray@gmail.com

Spiritual Book Club

Intellectual and faith-based reading – fiction, biographies and history.

When:    2nd Monday   2:30-4:00pm

Where:  Rotates

Leader:  Jeannette Tiffany  membership@mytcwc.org


Critical Thinkers February 26th, Blowout by Rachel Maddow

The Next Chapter  

Spiritual Book Club

March 9, (2:30 - 4pm; 44 Cypress Ct,TC) 

The Great Lion of God by Taylor Caldwell

Discussion Leader: Jeannette Tiffany

For more information, contact Cathy Baldwin



Contact the leader to play in a group.

When:    2nd and 3rd Friday   10:00 AM

Where:  Trophy Club Country Club

Leader:  Colette Park   coletteandbill@sbcglobal.net


The game of Bunco ensures active social interaction with a little pay out for the winners.  Please contact the leader to be assigned to a bunco group.

When:     Bunco groups meet at various times during the month

Where:   Rotates

Leader:   Becky Smith rrcsrose514@att.net   


Canasta is a card game and all levels of experience are invited.

When:     1st Wednesday   9:30am    Leader

When:     2nd Tuesday   9:30am    Leader

When:     1st Thursday   9:30am   Leader 

Where:   Rotates

Leader:   Joan Vitale   2jjscotties@sbcglobal.net

Mexican Train Dominoes

A fun and interactive dominoes game.  No experience needed.  Come and learn on the spot.

When:    4th Wednesday   1:00-4:00pm

Where:  Trophy Club Country Club

Leader:  Max Kamp   mkk2745@iCloud.com



Movie Buffs

Movies are pre-selected for review and critique.  The group welcomes significant others.

When:    3rd Friday   7:00pm

Where:  Rotates

Leader:  Tracy Gibbs   tracysullivan7@comcast.com

Leader:  Arlene Lewis   lewisa1122@sbcglobal.net

Couples Game Night

An evening of games (cards, etc.) as chosen by the host. Significant others are invited.  Contact the leader to be assigned to a group.

When:    Designated by the group

Where:  Rotates

Leader:  Jeannette Tiffany   president@mytcwc.org 


March 20th, 7pm @ Tracy Gibbs (2520 Kensington Lane)

RSVP: mailto:TracyGibbs1234@gmail.com, 520-907-1654

Popcorn & dessert served; please bring your drink of choice

Movies to discuss: "Parasite", "Downhill", "Call of the Wild", "Emma"


Gourmet Gals

We think of dining as an adventure!  We like to try new and unique restaurants

When:    2nd Friday

Leader:  Carol Warren   carwar1@sbcglobal.net      

Lunch Bunch

The dining group meets for a nice meal and lots of fun conversation at restaurants in the Northwest Metro Port region

When:  4th Tuesday   11:30am

Leader: Victoria Fairfield at   victoriaf101@yahoo.com

Dining Divas

This fun group of ladies welcomes anyone to attend, single or married, to a fun girls’ night out.

When:  1st Wednesday   6:30pm

Where: Selected restaurants

Leader  Marsha Pyeatt   marshapyeatt@gmail.com 



Wine Lovers

At Wine Lovers there is food, laughter, education and WINE!

When:    4th Monday   7:00pm

Where:  Rotates

Leader:  Lisa Angeli   lisa@angelicm.com

Leader:  Michelle Smith   mms4you4@gmail.com

Movie Matinee

Members meet to watch together a selected movie at a local cinema with social to follow.

When:   Need a day of the month

Leader: Chris Scheig   cescheig@gmail.com


Wine Lovers - February 24, 6:30pm (302 Eagles Crt, Trophy Club)

Hosted by Julie Tengesdal/Jennifer Oshei

Bring appetizer or dessert and a bottle of wine to share!

RSVP by Feb 20th: 817-716-2980; juliegray1072@yahoo.com


Cardio Dance
Cardio dance classes fuse musical rhythms and dance moves together to create a dynamic workout that’s designed for fun. The best part? No prior dance experience is required. Classes offer easy-to-learn moves that anyone can pick up (yes, even super uncoordinated folks!). 
When:     Monday   12:00-12: 45am
Where:   Trophy Club, TX
Leader:   Christina Fuller   mail@FullerRhythm.com 

Fit Bunch... Fitness Training

A fusion of silver sneakers style exercises with strength training, range of motion, cardio, balance and flexibility. 

When:  Second Friday of the Month  10:00-11:00 AM
Where:  Performant Fit  
501 Trophy Lake Dr, Unit 326

Leader:  Lu Stenger  724-458-4438  lulubanger@me.com 



Yoga is open to all members who want to improve flexibility and so much more.  Classes geared for ages 40 and up. Must contact Instructor Max Kamp before coming to first class for information.  Classes offered all year. 

When:    Monday Weights:  8:30-8:50 am

Monday Power Yoga   9:00-10:00am

When:    Thursday Power Yoga   9:00-10:00am

                Thursday Chair Yoga/  Hand Weights 10:15-11:00am

Where:   Lake Cities Church 280 Indian Creek Drive

Leader:  Max Kamp   mkk2745@icloud.com


A note about TCWC Activities: Most activities are hosted monthly by a member of the group and groups define their own parameters.  As an Activity grows beyond a certain size,  a new group will form with the same purpose.  Bunco and Bridge, some dining groups are confined to a limited group size.  Based on requests, we will create another group within that Activity.  All questions, refer to Kim Couch activities@mytcwc.org 

about us

Our members donate time to fundraising events, participate or lead group committees and make lifetime friendships during our monthly activities.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to welcome newcomers to Trophy Cub, promote new friendships, foster social contacts and participate in community and charitable events.


Please consider Trophy Club Women's Club, Inc., a 501(c)  organization when making your tax-deductible contributions.  Our partnership with sponsors allows us to continue our wonderful tradition of giving back to the community.



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